The vape diet: How vaping and nicotine addiction keeps me in trim…

Voodoo Street Hustler

Jimmy Lee Shreeve - vape dietIt’s always been known that cigarette smoking keeps you slim. This is because nicotine is an appetite inhibitor. When people give up smoking they usually complain about putting on weight, or even end up getting fat.

But you can get the appetite-inhibitor benefit by using an alternative delivery method for nicotine. E-cigarettes and vaping fits that bill nicely. In my experience vaping is a way – par exellance – of losing weight. Or rather, in my case, of keeping in trim without having to think about it.

In fact, I took up vaping even though I’d given up analog cigarettes years ago. I had the odd cigar and that was it. But was intrigued by vaping (not the supermarket e-cigaretes, I should add, but kit bought from independent stores – the cool stuff). In no time I became a nicotine addict again (read the story here). Yes, anti-smoking groups…

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