5 Of The Most Innovative RDA/RBA’s Of 2015 (So Far)


The vape manufacturers are stepping their game up big time. It shows that they are very in tune with us the consumers. It seems like every month a new product comes out; surprisingly most of these new products are better than their predecessor.

Tanks have definitely been something to be happy about for us vapers. Here are 5 clever tanks every vaper should take into consideration.

1. Aspire Atlantis Sub-Ohm BVC Tank


This is a game changer. This amazing tank gives every vaper the opportunity to sub-ohm, blow clouds, or cloud chase. No more building, no more trying to get perfectly straight wraps. Thanks to the pre-built heads, all you have to do now is pop it in, fill that bad boy up with some heavy VG juice and fog the place out. But everyone and their momma has gotten this tank already so if not I suggest you get one…

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