5 Reasons Why Vaping Is Replacing Cigarettes



I came across a very well written article which gave a good description of the current state of vaping. It is based on the story of Tad Parrish, former smoker turned vape enthusiast who is currently participating in cloud chasing contests.

Its a really good story that I enjoyed reading, and inspired me to do a post. The article was titled, “Is Vaping Here To Stay?” I thought to myself, I could answer that.

While some people ask this question, I know for sure that smoking is out, and vaping is in!

I am speaking on personal opinion. I would never go back to buying cigarettes. I would quit before I go back to cigarettes. I am vaping because I enjoy it. There are days where I go through a dry spell of vaping, never craving it and keeping it tucked away in my drawer. Total opposite when I was…

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