6 Mistakes Smokers Make When Switching To Vaping & How To Avoid Them



I remember back in my old job, one of my supervisors used to smoke with me on our breaks. When I started vaping on my little Ego CE 4, he seemed a bit hesitant at first. The more enthusiastic I got about it, the more curious he became. Finally, he decided to spend $15 on the little starter kit, I provided him with the e-juice.

At first, he seemed to really enjoy it. He would switch between vaping and smoking (same way I transitioned) and just like any other smoker he started bragging to us that he reduced his smoking from a pack a day to 3 sticks a day! Any smoker knows that’s a big achievement. I was happy for him.

Then, a week into vaping his voice started to become hoarse, we figured it was because of the cigarette withdrawal. Then he started to notice that while he…

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