E-cigarette is a safe way to quit smoking?

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We have witnessed the fast growing e-cigarette and vape industry in the past few years! E-cigarettes got more popular even you can find vape shops around your city streets! More people who want to quit bad habit of tobacco smoking begin to use e-cigarette with friend’s introduction. It is always more beneficial to your health and the health of the others around you to quit smoking completely.

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With the new year, there is a new program and it is the Franklin County Health Department’s free 13-week Cooper-Clayton Smoking Cessation class. The workshop will meet one day a week, every Tuesday from Jan.27 – April 21, from noon-1 p.m. at the FCHD Public Health Center Located at 851 East-West Connector.
In the program, class members will work together as a group to slowly step down from smoking e-cigarettes or traditional cigarettes each day to none. They will explore how nicotine replacement…

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