Vaping: How to Get Started

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So, something got you here. Something got you thinking that you’d like an alternative to smoking—whether because it’s more affordable, or because preliminary studies have shown ecigarettes’ advantage over cigarettes, or because those big mods and massive vape clouds look really cool.

And now you want to get into vaping, only you’re not quite sure how.

Am I right?

I thought so.

Now, there are a bunch of questions you need to ask yourself. Because the thing is—there are a lot of options out there. And I mean a lot. So, here are the topics to focus on:

Size Matters

thinner mods

Do you want to start small, with a vape pen or something that mimics the size of analog cigarettes? Or do you want to go right for a good-sized mod and tank?

To make this decision, ask yourself why you want to vape in the first place. Do you…

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6 Mistakes Smokers Make When Switching To Vaping & How To Avoid Them



I remember back in my old job, one of my supervisors used to smoke with me on our breaks. When I started vaping on my little Ego CE 4, he seemed a bit hesitant at first. The more enthusiastic I got about it, the more curious he became. Finally, he decided to spend $15 on the little starter kit, I provided him with the e-juice.

At first, he seemed to really enjoy it. He would switch between vaping and smoking (same way I transitioned) and just like any other smoker he started bragging to us that he reduced his smoking from a pack a day to 3 sticks a day! Any smoker knows that’s a big achievement. I was happy for him.

Then, a week into vaping his voice started to become hoarse, we figured it was because of the cigarette withdrawal. Then he started to notice that while he…

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Steeping E-Liquids: Pointers

Vaping All Day Long

vape oxford dictionary

With vaping becoming the new big thing (Vaping was announced to be the word of the year 2014 by the Oxford English Dictionary), a huge number of people are joining the ranks of the ones already vaping. However due to the high tech nature of vaping, some people may have problems when they want to change from smoking cigarettes to vaping. There are some tricks and general knowledge to be picked up in order to enjoy vaping to the fullest extent possible.

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The 3 Most Cloud Chasing Rebuildable Tanks Every Vaper Should Have



I love how innovative manufacturers are in coming up with new products for us. The technology is getting better and better, and here are a few examples of what I am talking about.

Theses RTAs chuck the vapor, they blow clouds, they fog up the room, these tanks do it all. If you like blowing massive amounts of vapor, then these rebuildable tanks are for you.

Sure, rebuildable tanks aren’t new, but what makes these particular tanks stand out is the emphasis on the builds and airflow, especially airflow. Every sub-ohmer knows that airflow is key in getting in all that air and vapor in your lungs. Plus, they are cheap, so you really don’t have a reason why you wouldn’t get one of these, unless blowing clouds isn’t your thing.

So lets dive straight into these 3 genius devices every vaper should get their hands onto:

1. The Lemo…

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Vaping Formaldehyde: Another Low Blow From Big Tobacco?



If you followed this blog long enough, you know that nothing gets my blood boiling more than some B.S. article about vaping.

So the last time I heard, e-juice kills children and pets. It seems that this argument hasn’t riled up the masses to go against vaping, so they are going with the “formaldehyde argument” once again.

The article in question is here. The New England Journal of Medicine has come out with a new finding that vaping anything over 5 volts releases trace amounts of formaldehyde. However, vaping at 3 volts does not release the deadly chemical in e-juice.

The American Vaping Association has claimed that the methods used in this experiment were inappropriate resulting in inaccurate results.

What was used in the experiment was an e-go/vision spinner device, which I believe goes from 3-6 volts, and a stock clearomizer which uses silica wick.


Not to brag, but this set-up does…

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