Kanthal Wire Vs. Nichrome Wire: Which Is Better?


kanthal wire

Hi everyone! Hope your week started on a good note.

As for me, I was wondering what the main difference is between Kanthal A1 wire and Nichrome wire. More importantly, which one is better? Am I missing out on these new wire products or are these just a gimmick?

Further research brought me to a few interesting comparisons between the two. I credit this video from Pegasus Vapor Academy which is a great channel for getting some vape knowledge:

1. Nichrome heats up faster than Kanthal – In the video, two 28 gauge wires are being used. The video below shows in real time how the two compare in firing up.

2. Nichrome has lower resistance than Kanthal –  The Kanthal wire in the video clocked in at 1.35 ohms while the Nichrome was at 1.05 ohms. Remember, the lower the ohms the warmer and more intense the vape gets.


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