TFV4 Mini – SMOK®

two kits available


The kit includes:

• 1x TFV4 mini tank
• 1x TF-CLP2 Core (0.35Ω)
• 1x TF-S6 Core (0.4Ω)
• 1x TF-RCA Core
• 1x Replacement Glass Tube
• 1x Black Seal Gasket A
• 1x Black Seal Gasket B
• 2x Replacement Seal Gaskets for Top Cap
• 1x Small Airflow Tip
• 1x Black Vape Band
• 1x White Vape Band
• 2x Replacement O-rings for Drip Tip
• 1x Refill Warning Card
• 1x Screwdriver
• 1x Package of Organic Cotton
• 1x Replacement Seal Ring for Glass Tube
• 1x Replacement Wire

TFV4 MINI Single Kit

This kit includes:

• 1x TFV4 MINI Tank
• 1x Silicone Ring
• 1x User Manual

TFV4 Mini

The TFV4 Mini is a compact tank from SMOK. With 22 mm in diameter, this mini tank matches a wide range of mods. Featuring eight brand new cores: TF-CLP2, TF-S6, TF-RCA, TF-Ti, TF-N2, TF-N2 Air Core, TF-T2, and TF-T2 Air Core, it’s designed to bring you unexpected vaping experience. The top refill design makes filling as easy as it gets. The double-layered drip tip has also been improved on the inner layer of glass to avoid scalding. TFV4 mini is truly one of a kind!

More Compact Design

TFV4 mini tank with 22 mm in diameter matches a wide range of mods.

100% Pure Organic cotton

Explore fresh and new flavors with eight new patented coil heads.

All coils have been used organic cotton as wicking material, which can produce a purer taste.

Special Clapton Core

More advanced TF-CLP2, Clapton Dual Coil Head has more surface area in contact with the wick to give off more vapor.

Temp Sensing Coils

New patented TF-N2 Coil & TF-Ti Coil are using Nickel 200 and Titanium temperature sensing wire respectively, and perfectly for work with the SMOK X CUBE II temperature-control mod.

Separate Chamber Design

All coil heads use the Separate Chamber Design, which can significantly improve the stability and reduce the interference with each other coil.

drip tip

default: double-layered structure

The default drip tip with double-layered structure has been improved on the inner layer of glass to avoid scalding.

TFV4 Mini Drip Tip

Another Choice: Pyrex Tube Inside

The another choice drip tip, which the inner tube is made of Pyrex Glass and the outer tube is Stainless Steel, is also with double-layered structure. It’s a perfect combination of durability and scald-proof protection.

4 pairs of air slots

bring you an extremely open draw

Airflow can be adjusted freely by either turning the ring on the drip tip or the one at the base of atomizer.

Top refill design

makes filling as easy as it gets

Leak proof e-liquid slot can significantly solve leaking problem.


How to fill with e-liquid

1、Hold the tank with one hand, and use another one to press top cap and move it counterclockwise.

2、Add e-liquid through the slot, and pay attention not to drip it into the central airflow tube.

3、Close the cap carefully and firmly. Then let it stand for several minutes to get the organic cotton completely saturated.

How to build the RBA

1、Before starting make sure your hands are clean.

2、Taking TF-RCA core apart.

TF-RCA comes with two build screws on each side, one side is the plus terminal of the deck and the other is minus terminal. This provides more possibility for you to install your coil exactly and comfortably.

3、The kit includes a small airflow tip that can be placed onto the central airhole of the Rebuildable Clapton Atomizer deck. It is designed for throat hit vape by reducing the airflow.

4、Installing the pre-wrapped coil. Place the coil (it can be Clapton coil or others) between the screws and wrap the ends around them and tighten up. Attention: The coil has to be wrapped with one end at the plus terminal, with the other end at the minus terminal.

5、Positioning and cutting the exceeding ends of wire off. Make sure the coil is fixed in the center and lined up with the air hole, and also make sure the coil is NOT touching the base. Then cut the exceeding ends of wire off.

6、Cutting a strip of cotton and make sure it’s not too much and not too less.

7、Inserting the cotton, and placing it in the middle.

8、Cutting the cotton at an angle and make sure it’s not too short and not too long.

9、Wet the coil with your e-liquid and adjust the cotton.

Warning: Coils must be checked for resistance before they are fired on a device, and re-checked periodically to ensure the resistance remains the same

Source: TFV4 Mini – SMOK®

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