X CUBE II V1.093 firmware upgrade guide–SMOK® Being with you for all great vaping time!



The X CUBE II will support the max wattage value 180W now, once you do upgrade the firmware to v1.093.

Upgrade Tool(v0.9b) – At   the same time, for a better upgrade experience, we’ve developed a new,   simple upgrade tool which can help you do upgrade with just 3 simple   clicks. It’s beta version now, welcome you guys to test and feedback to   us. Thanks very much.



1. Adjusted max wattage to 180W,bring you ultimate vaping experience.

2. Improved function on alerting the initial resistance is too high or too low.

3. Revised the issue that the temperature unit is out of sync between device and the APP.



1. You have to hold the fire bar all the time during the upgrading

2. After do upgrade, once you click the “disconnect” button,  The device   screen will show error like “Error: NO SECRET-KEYS”.  This is a flash   protection, please don’t worry, it doesn’t matter with your normal use.   Just put batteries in and power on your device. Enjoy!


1. Check Current Version: power off and power on your X CUBE II box, then the screen will show your current firmware version. X CUBE II box mod with original firmware version V1.092 or before, can be fully compatible with V1.093 version.

2. Factory Micro to USB cable (with data transfer function).

3. OS   System requirement: Windows XP/7/8/10. (FYI: There is no driver to   match Apple Mac OS at this moment from the PCB chip vendor.)



via X CUBE II V1.093 firmware upgrade guide–SMOK® Being with you for all great vaping time!.