Innokin Announces Launch Of First Temperature Control Device: CORTEX


The CORTEX integrates new Innokin temperature technology and is powered by the IKARNO S1 chip. The CORTEX has four key advantages:

1) Ultra-low Static Power Consumption

The CORTEX has an unrivaled average use of just 50nA. Theoretically this means the device can remain on standby for up to 66,000,000 hours / 7,500 years.

With such an ultra-low dissipation, the engineering teams worked together to further improve long term energy conservation, and improve the quality of the device.

2) Precision Temperature Control: +10 degrees C

Innokin has been researching and developing this Temperature Control extensively with the goal of offering a vaporizer and chipset that is extremely affordable, while also delivering top of the line accuracy and output.

Incredibly, the new IKARNO S1 chip is accurate to +10 degrees C in real temperature testing and future versions are expected to reduce the range even further to +2 degrees C.

3) High Efficiency:

The CORTEX is designed for high efficiency. The efficiency of the Innokin CORTEX is above 90% in operation and the maximum conversion rate registered was 99% at its peak.

This means there is a very low reactive loss which reduces the surface temperature of the device and thus conserves energy.

4)  Direct Current: Steady Power Output

DC vs. pulse are 2 different methods of temperature control which deliver very different vaping experiences. Pulse output is discontinuous and less accurate as the temperature of the coil fluctuates throughout vaping.

Direct Current delivers very accurate output along with smoother, controlled, changes in coil temperature for the very best vaping experience.

Experience the next level of advanced power and precise direct current output for real temperature control and vape like never before with the new Innokin CORTEX. It will be available soon at your favorite Authorized Innokin Vendor.

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