Tesla Nano 100 watt

The Smallest Regulated 100W TC Mod

Tesla Nano 100W TC is the world’s smallest 100W TC mod,as its perfect golden ratio design,more in line with hand feeling,Male or female is fit for this device.100W is so tiny(79*48.5*24mm),that you can put it in your pocket and take it vapor anywhere.




Despite Tesla Nano 100W TC is tiny,but its capacity can reach 4500mAh,the using time gets longer than ordinary batteries.100W use two high-level military Li-Po batteries in parallel,compared with the traditional batteries, it has more advantage:high energy storage density,high performance and high stability,safer and no explosion.


Capacity:4500mAh   |    LI-PO batteries    |   Safer and no explosion


With Ni 200/Ti alloy atomizer, the Tesla Nano 100W TC’s temperature control can be adjusted between 200 °F and 600 °F (100 ℃ and 300 ℃), which can avoid dry-burning, provide smooth airflow and better taste.And Tesla Nano 100W TC also has BY PASS mode,that you can choose Ni 200/Ti/BY PASS mode as you like.In Ni 200/Ti TC mode, it will consume much less battery power and e-liquid than in typical VW mode.


Temperature Control  |   Ni 200 /Ti/BY PASS  |   Save Power and e-liquid in TC mode

Tesla Nano 100W TC has seven kinds of style,four baking finish style, two steampunk style and SS style.Normal 100W surface use hi-class baking finish process,that will make your 100W more comfortable and different.Also the steampunk and SS 100W will bring you another cool vaping experience,you deserve to have one.

7 Colors  |    Hi-Class Baking Finish   |     Steampunk Style


charging time:about 2.5H
Unique integrated button on the top


5V/2A   |   About 2.5H     |    Integrated button

Recommended match: Tesla Nano 100W TC & Tesla Tornado atomizer,Tesla Nano 100W TC is highly recommended to use with the Tesla Tornado atomizer.You are sure to get an amazing vaping experience from this perfect match.

Tesla Tornado   |   Perfect match



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Steam Crave Aromamizer RDTA

steam crave interchangable

– Revolutionary Design
– Great Flavour
– Great Build Quality
– Silky Smooth Threads
– Clean Design Aesthetic
– Awesome Wicking
– Very Good Vapor Production
– 2 Build Decks (3 post & 2 post Velocity Style)
– Velocity style Build Deck
– Tons of Juice Capacity (6ml!)
– Silky Smooth Airflow
– Spit Back Protection (Drip Tip)
– Easy Build
– Lasts along time between fills
– Tons of Spare Parts
– Good number of Accessories
– Access to Build with Full Tank
– Easy Filling
– Leak Proof
– Affordable Authentic

Authentic Fishbone plus rda

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  • Top Airflow and no leak
  • 22 mm base
  • Ceramic Build Deck for a clean and pure taste
  • Two Post deck
  • Center Glass Sleeve
  • Chuff-Style Drip Tip
  • Safety code to identify 100% authentic


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Clapton + Clapton (Twisted) Wire

Twisted + Clapton Wire

Clapton Wire

Flat Clapton Wire

Tiger Wire

Twisted Wire

ipv D3 80watt TC box mod

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Super power 80W/ 75J with single 18650 battery

Output Power: 7W-80W

Output Joule: 10J-75J

Standard Resistance:0.15ohm-3.0ohm

Joules Mode Resistance:0.05ohm-0.5ohm

Output Voltage: 1.0V-7.0V

Input Voltage: 3.2V-4.5V

Output Current: 1.0A-30.0A

Input Current: 1.3A-35.0A

Temp. limit Centigrade: 100°C-300°C

Temp. limit Fahrenheit: 212°F-572°F

Powered by YiHi SX150H

Vapeston Ceramikas tank


Vapeston Ceramikas tank is about to launch with Food Grade Ceramic Coil (2-3 months Durable)20-160W CompatibleRefill from DriptipCooling SystemAnti-Spurting Design.

Wismec DNA 200W/Wismec RX TC 200w


Wismec DNA 200W

Wismec bring you a new powerful mod RX TC200. Chip by Joyetech also bring you a perfect taste.Output:1~200W

Output mode: TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/VW Mode

Cell Type: 3 18650 cells

X CUBE II V1.093 firmware upgrade guide–SMOK® Being with you for all great vaping time!



The X CUBE II will support the max wattage value 180W now, once you do upgrade the firmware to v1.093.

Upgrade Tool(v0.9b) – At   the same time, for a better upgrade experience, we’ve developed a new,   simple upgrade tool which can help you do upgrade with just 3 simple   clicks. It’s beta version now, welcome you guys to test and feedback to   us. Thanks very much.



1. Adjusted max wattage to 180W,bring you ultimate vaping experience.

2. Improved function on alerting the initial resistance is too high or too low.

3. Revised the issue that the temperature unit is out of sync between device and the APP.



1. You have to hold the fire bar all the time during the upgrading

2. After do upgrade, once you click the “disconnect” button,  The device   screen will show error like “Error: NO SECRET-KEYS”.  This is a flash   protection, please don’t worry, it doesn’t matter with your normal use.   Just put batteries in and power on your device. Enjoy!


1. Check Current Version: power off and power on your X CUBE II box, then the screen will show your current firmware version. X CUBE II box mod with original firmware version V1.092 or before, can be fully compatible with V1.093 version.

2. Factory Micro to USB cable (with data transfer function).

3. OS   System requirement: Windows XP/7/8/10. (FYI: There is no driver to   match Apple Mac OS at this moment from the PCB chip vendor.)



via X CUBE II V1.093 firmware upgrade guide–SMOK® Being with you for all great vaping time!.

The Public Is Being Misguided On Dangers Of E-Cigarettes

The majority of Americans are woefully misinformed about the health effects of vaping, with public health campaigners bearing the brunt of the criticism for spreading scare stories about the dangers of e-cigarettes.

A poll conducted for the Boston Globe and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that only 44 percent of Americans believed e-cigarettes to be less harmful than smoking tobacco.

Almost a third of the public — 32 percent — said they thought vaping was just as harmful as tobacco, while six percent actually thought vaping was more dangerous than tobacco. Fourteen percent said they couldn’t answer the question. E-cigarettes contain no tobacco and have not yet been linked with lung cancer or any other smoking related diseases.

The poll brought even more bad news for the burgeoning e-cigarette industry, with 64 percent supporting taxing vapor products at the same rate regular cigarettes. On the issue of banning different flavored vaping products, a popular target among e-cigarette critics, 48 percent of those polled opposed a ban while 46 percent supported one

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The findings may come as a shock to many in the vast majority of the health community who readily acknowledge that e-cigarettes are far less dangerous than tobacco products. In August, a study commissioned by Public Health England concluded e-cigarettes are 95 percent safer than tobacco and could be “game-changer” for getting people to quit smoking.

“Let’s be clear — there is no doubt in the scientific community that vaping is far less hazardous than inhaling burning tobacco smoke. The fact that more than half of the American population can’t answer this question accurately is a scandal,” said Gregory Conley, President of the American Vaping Association.

The e-cigarette industry is already facing a life or death situation with proposed FDA regulations that could wipe out 99 percent of vaping products.

Supporters of vaping warn that a heavy-handed approach to regulating and taxing the e-cigarettes could hurt those desperately trying to give up smoking and cost lives in the process.
According to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Nov. 2 a little over 20 percent of current smokers who had tried to give up in the last year were using e-cigarettes. Conley argues the figure could be much higher if it wasn’t for “dishonest and unethical campaign tactics” of the opponents of e-cigarettes.

“The public health establishment should be called to task for their role in misinforming Americans about these reduced harm technology products,” said Conley.

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