VapeCige VTBox200 200W TC VV / VW Mod

VTBox200 is powered by authentic DNA 200 chip by EVOLV. DNA 200 is a power regulated DC-DC converter with digital switch-mode for personal vaporizers. It features Evolv’ s patented wattage control, temperature Protection, preheat, OLED screen, and waterproof onboard buttons. The DNA 200 runs from 3 cell lithium polymer battery, and features cell-by-cell battery monitoring and integrated 1A balance charger. It is the most advanced personal vaporizer.

Main Features:
Authentic DNA 200 chip by EVOLV
Temperature control range from 200-600 Fahrenheit degree
Output wattage from 1-200W
Output voltage from 0.5-9.0V
The lowest resistance: 0.1ohm
Material: T6 senior aviation aluminum, spray paint appearance and corrosion logo
Detachable magnets back cover, convenient to replace battery
Replaceable lithium battery: 1800 mah 11.1 V-35c-60.5A-3s, with tinned copper wire plated copper wire and 14 mm wire size, conductor resistance 15.6 ohm/km, supporting max 55.6 A


Locked mode: Pressing the fire button five times with less than 0.7 seconds it will cause the device enter lock mode. In locked mode, the device will not fire and the output power will not adjust accidentally. While in locked mode, the screen will be off, except that pressing a button will show  “Locked, Click 5 X”. To Exit locked mode, press the fire button 5 times.

Stealth mode: While locked, holding the fire and down buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds, it will switch to stealth mode. In this mode the display is off, it will still show error and lock messages. To switch back to normal display mode, hold down the fire and down buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. This setting is stored to internal flash memory, and remains if power is removed.

Power Lock mode: Holding down both the up and down buttons for 2 seconds, it will place the device in Power Locked mode. In this mode, the mod operate normally, but you are not able to change the power setting. This mode prevents accidental power level from being changed due to the buttons being pressed while in a pocket. To Exit power locked mode, hold the up and down buttons for 2 seconds.

Resistance lock: The DNA 200 relies on the cold resistance of the atomizer to measure temperature accurately. If the connection is not stable or if you find the measured resistance drifts with time, it may be desirable to lock atomizer resistance. To do so, while locked hold both the fire and up buttons for 2 seconds to enter resistance lock mode. In this mode, the DNA 200 will use the present atomizer cold resistance without refinement until the atomizer is disconnected or the resistance lock is disabled. A lock symbol will replace the ohm symbol on the display. To disable resistance lock, repeat the procedure to lock it.

Max temperature Adjust mode: From lock mode, holding down both the up and down buttons for 2 seconds, it will place the device in Max Temperature Adjust mode. Once this mode is entered, the max temperature will be displayed. The up and down buttons are used adjust the max temperature. To save the new temperature setting and exit, press the fire button.


Product Details Type: Electronic Cigarettes Accessories
Accessories type : MOD
APV Mod Wattage Range: 151-200W
APV Mod Wattage: 200w
Voltage Range : 05-9.0 V
Temperature Control Range: 200-600 F
Battery Cover Type: Magnetic
Charge way: USB
Material: Aluminum
Available color: Assorted Colors
Dimension and Weight Product weight: 0.300KG
Package weight: 0.680 KG
Product size (L x W x H): 9.900 x 3.200 x 5.500 cm / 3.898 x 1.26 x 2.165 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 20.000 x 12.000 x 7.000 cm / 7.874 x 4.724 x 2.756 inches
Package Contents Package Contents: 1 x Mod, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x English Manual, 1 x Box, 1 x Polymer Battery

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