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Man mistakes e-cigarette for bomb

Man mistakes e-cigarette for bomb – police called and bus evacuated

Investors, Tobacco Companies Invest Heavily In E-Cigarettes

Police were called to reports of a bomb on a bus recently – but the ‘suspect’ turned out to be cleaning an e-cigarette.

The bus, which was on the A77 close to Newton Mearns in East Renfrewshire, Scotland, was evacuated.

Passenger Calum McGregor explained to STV: ‘My partner and I became aware of a passenger behaving suspiciously with a device in his lap.

‘I got up under the pretence of looking for the toilet and saw he appeared to be attaching pipe-cleaner wire to a large oblong battery.

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‘I alerted the driver of a possible bomb on board and asked him to quietly pull over and call the police.’

Mr McGregor voiced his anger at his fellow passenger for sparking the emergency.

He said: ‘It turned out that the passenger, a tourist, had been cleaning out a large e-cigarette device with no thought to what that looked like to others on the bus – resulting in a lot of concern and fear, passengers stuck outside for 40 mins off the motorway with no shelter in a storm, motorway closure and police time wasted.’

Police later confirmed it was a false alarm.

Introducing the Aspire Proteus E-Hookah – Electronic Hookah Head Unboxing Demo


The Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA, the second configuration of Cloudmaker Tech’s modular, future-proof, user-customizable personal vaporizer. The Whiteout DNA unit comes fully-assembled & QC-tested with Evolv’s cutting-edge new customizable DNA200 Temperature Control chipset. The DNA200 can push up to 200W using a 1100mAh 3S LiPo battery configuration, and we are working on offering a 1300mAh expansion kit! The genius of the Whiteout is that you can interchange and customize every part of it, from changing the color and material of your device’s panels, to upgrading/swapping your chip itself without soldering or special skills. This future-proof flexibility is thanks to our modular design & specially-developed Build Kits, which are based on community requests and released regularly to expand the possible factory-supported configurations of the Whiteout.

Evolv DNA 200


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Aspire Proteus

Introducing the Proteus! Aspire’s e-hookah. A dual 18650 hookah vaporizer solution with a 10ml tank. Just set it atop your standard hookah in place of your traditional hookah bowl and you can enjoy your favorite e-juice through your hookah.



Proteus Coils

  • • Stainless steel (316l) wire
  • • Organic cotton
  • • 0.25ohm

The Proteus kit contain


• Insert batteries with positive end up