Vaping Formaldehyde: Another Low Blow From Big Tobacco?



If you followed this blog long enough, you know that nothing gets my blood boiling more than some B.S. article about vaping.

So the last time I heard, e-juice kills children and pets. It seems that this argument hasn’t riled up the masses to go against vaping, so they are going with the “formaldehyde argument” once again.

The article in question is here. The New England Journal of Medicine has come out with a new finding that vaping anything over 5 volts releases trace amounts of formaldehyde. However, vaping at 3 volts does not release the deadly chemical in e-juice.

The American Vaping Association has claimed that the methods used in this experiment were inappropriate resulting in inaccurate results.

What was used in the experiment was an e-go/vision spinner device, which I believe goes from 3-6 volts, and a stock clearomizer which uses silica wick.


Not to brag, but this set-up does…

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