5 Reasons The Innokin iTaste MVP Is The Greatest Vape Device Ever Made



Okay, I know the iTaste MVP is not the newest, nor is it the most technologically advanced device out in the vapemosphere, but almost everyone who has an Innokin MVP swears by it.

Don’t believe me? Just try looking at the user reviews, and why shouldn’t they? For under $50, you get a variable voltage/wattage device, ohm and resistance checker, 2600mah battery with pass-through and charging capabilities.

For this price, it doesn’t get any better. Most importantly, this is the perfect device for all newbie vapers who want to take the next step after egos and cigalikes.

So here are 5 reasons why the Innokin MVP is indeed the best vape device ever made:

1. Its indestructible!

Here’s a video showing the true durability of an MVP mod.

2. Great value for the price

Buying a mechanical mod might be cheaper, but the newbie vaper can expect to pay more…

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